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Oil on Canvas

After having dedicated a long period of time to working on perspex, I decided to continue the same experience, but on canvas.


With 12 canvases, mostly sized 50 x 50 cm, I applied the same technique of my previous works on perspex, making sure I used brilliant colours.


I concentrated mainly on the texture, sometimes very glossy and, in other cases, rough and granular.


When I came to title the paintings, I picked, for most of them, the names of distant stars, reflecting the sense of mystery invoked by this work.


works from 2010

Purple-Haze _MG_0053V2 _MG_0011VV2 _MG_0031V2 _MG_0070V2 _MG_0078V2 Blue Moon - Oil on Canvas 2009

abstract oil painting onto canvas

_MG_0007V2 _MG_0042V2